Etain Fiberglass


This is one of the best expedition sea kayaks available in the world. The Etain is designed to appeal to paddlers looking for an enjoyable to paddle, an expedition-capable kayak that has a good turn of speed and tracks well. Already proven on several major expeditions, including Justine Curgenven’s 2014 Kayaking The Aleutian Adventure.

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With this new design Valley set the standards really high. Very stable for its width, with excellent tracking and lovely feeling in rough water.
A sea kayak that you will love either as a day boat or on expeditions.

The Etain is a conscious departure from previous Valley designs. Valley kayaks were traditionally more “fish-form” i.e. widest point slightly forward of centre. The Etain is more neutral, in fact very slightly Swede form i.e. widest point rear of centre. Swede form kayaks have a different feel, slightly more glide and a perception of speed that is more noticeable because you are now paddling in a narrower part of the boat. The paddling stroke is also less encumbered and there is a general feeling of having less boat between you and the water. Better…NO, different… YES!

Other features are a hull that has a shallow to moderate ‘V’ in cross-section for good initial stability and rocker, that would best be describe as moderate i.e. slightly less than some older Valley boats to provide secure tracking but still enough to provide a lively ride.

The Etain also features a removable deck-pod storage-unit in front of the cockpit. Whilst holding the same as a regular 4th hatch/compartment, the advantage is, it can be taken up the beach (or into the car/house) with you. The deck-pod is ideal for things like valuables, snacks, car keys, and small items of safety-kit that you might always want close to hand*. Other features of the Etain include a locking point situated behind the cockpit and special attention given to cockpit ergonomics.

The Etain is designed to appeal to paddlers looking for an expedition style boat with a contemporary feel. Arguably the Etain should appeal to those who are already familiar with the performance of a Valley kayak but also to those who have previously not been a fan of Valley’s traditional style!

* Any items that are susceptible to water-damage should always be additionally protected by the use of dry-bags or other suitable packaging, we’d recommend doing this, no matter how dry your compartment usually seems!

The Etain comes in various sizes, all have the same price.


Length: 17’7″ (536cm)
Width: 21.5″ (54.5cm)
Depth: 13.25”(33.5cm)
Weight: 50lbs (23kg)

Load Suitability: 180-270lbs/ 81-122kg


Length: 17’5″ (531cm)
Width: 21.25″ (54cm)
Depth: 12.75”(32.5cm)
Weight: 49lbs (22.5kg)

Load Suitability: 140-230lbs/ 63-104kg


Length: 17’3″ (525cm)
Width: 21″ (53.5cm)
Depth: 12.4”(31.5cm)
Weight: 48lbs (22kg)

Load Suitability: 90-180lbs/ 40-81kg

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Data sheet

36 cm
55 cm
26 kg
Adjustable seat
5.36 meters
Paddler Weight Range
81-122 kg
Bulkhead material
Best use
For expedition