Nigel Dennis Explorer HV


Award logo Designed for rough water and covering distances, the Explorer is our main expedition kayak and suits the medium-sized paddler. Faster than the Romany family, manoeuvrable and direction stable. It has a large carrying capacity and has been used on a one-month expedition to Antarctica carrying all supplies with no support. We got in stock the normal and the High Volume version along with used boats too.


Designed for rough water and covering distances, this expedition kayak is maneuverable, direction stable and carry higher loads. Designed to fit the large paddler. The volume in the cockpit has been increased by adding 1.5" (3,8 cm) of extra height between top of the seat and underside of the deck. Also, a raised area either side of the cockpit has been added to facilitate more leg room. The hull has not been altered.

The Explorer HV is fitted with the High performance glass seat, unless otherwise requested. The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

An expedition kayak for the large paddler, length: 533.5 cm, width: 56 cm, depth: 35 cm, overall volume: 319 litres, front hatch volume: 73 litres, cockpit volume: 152 litres, day hatch volume: 38 litres, rear hatch volume: 56 litres.


Data sheet

34.5 cm
56 cm
26 kg
Adjustable seat
Back rest only
5.33 m
No but can be added
Paddler Weight Range
81-122 kg
Bulkhead material
Best use
For expedition