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    Various sizes, in good quality. They are very lightly used.

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    Thew HF Throw Tow is a multi purpose tow line system for sea kayakers. A throw bag, tow line, life line or sea drogue.

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    The J-Pro2™ covers all of the fundamental requirements needed for delivering a safe and confident transport for your kayak regardless of the conditions, or, length of the trip.

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    A great shoe with tight fit for sea kayakers and other watersports. Ideal for windsurf also.

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    Make double sure your stuff stays dry with NRS HydroLock Dry Bags. Our proven StormStrip roll-down closure is backed up by our waterproof HydroLock seal for 200% peace of mind.

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    NRS HydroSkin® is the ultimate immersible base layer. Stretchy, comfortable HydroSkin 0.5 neoprene material gives you just the right amount of warmth for cool days and cool water without feeling bulky or restrictive.

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    This item is used. The NRS Vapor PFD gives you the look, feel and performance of a high-end life jacket for a budget-friendly price. The soft foam flotation molds to your body for all-day comfort, and you'll love the hand warmer pouch and big front pocket.

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    A great seat for every sea kayak. Most of sea kayaks have really bad seats giving problems like the dead leg syndrome after a while.

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