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Nigel Dennis Sea Kayaks.

Sea Kayaking UK is owned by Nigel Dennis. Nigel completed the first ever sea kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain together with Paul Caffyn. Since then Nigel has carried out expeditions in Antarctica, Easter Island and the televised expedition around Cape Horn. In many ways Nigel has inspired fellow sea kayakers to explore the great coastlines of the world. Through expeditioning and everyday use, Nigel became aware of the limitations of the kayaks currently on the market and began creating his own designs which he has manufactured since 1993. He introduced the offset day hatch to enable the unsupported paddler to access provisions whilst afloat. He also added the keyhole cockpit which allows for a faster and easier entry and exit compared to the original small ocean cockpit. Nigel’s kayaks have not only benefited from his own expertise, they have also been tried and tested in severe weather conditions and extreme temperature. Today a whole range of kayaks are available, each designed with specific needs in mind, which overall cater for a wide spectrum of kayakers.

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